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These models are simply amazing! They truly demonstrate that our pal Se Ho hasn't lost his touch! O'course, the fact that he came over here for a fun trip to Willits with us, (which included pizza and beer), certainly helped! In fact, having the Holmes-Eureka #4 that close to home truly was a real help because these models we have here in hand ARE the HOLMES EUREKA #4... As in spot on!
(Climaxes of this vintage were built pretty much to the same set of blueprints so they differed only slightly from one to the next... Er, save for the fact that we have two truck and three truck versions here so that voids that statement... At least partially because from the fuel bunker behind the cab to the pilot steps they really are all the same... Period... End of story...)
  • Accurately scaled and designed from an existing prototype! (In Willits, CA.)
  • Spectacular factory paint, with custom lettering was available...
  • Arttista crew figures!
  • Real "Ring and Pinion" Hypoid (Spiral bevel) Gears!
  • Real MicroMotor drive (with internal gear reduction)... Full coasting action!
  • Genuine Kadee ® couplers...
  • Available in either Standard or Narrow Gauge "S" Scale!
The models arrived in April 2014 and are now officially SOLD OUT...

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