S. P. "Ten Wheeler" #8
Circa the 1940's

- Page Four -

~ Updated: April 02, 2015 ~

Here's a "birds-eye" view of that "Haystack Tender". Notice how even the front is loaded with detailing?  Detailing like this is never an accident...  Far from it!  What you see executed here in Natural Brass all had to be done on "paper" first..  ( We actually used Autocad '98 ® to create the drawings for these models..  Penciled drawings can be "massaged" to suit, but CAD drawings are unforgiving..  If a dimension is wrong,  IT'S WRONG!  No "ifs, ands, or buts"...)

Click the Icon above for a look at the CAD drawings of Espee Number 8's tender front and rear!

Click the Icon above to see some of the detailing visible from the rear of Espee Number 8 !

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