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This glorious scene on old friend Brian Ellerby's layout was captured for posterity by another long time friend, Bill Adkins. The scene was "Nighthawk", where real estate was at a bit of a premium, hence the occasional "local" had trackage rights down Nighthawk's main street.

The locomotive is one of our "Catalog" Oil Fired 16 tonners, as dressed up a bit by Bill.   You can almost hear her as she rattles and clanks her way towards where you're standing, can't you?

Click on any of the photos below for enlarged views of that particular locomotive.
Click on the photo of Mich-Cal Shay #2 to see her in an enlarged, slideshow view.
Click on the photo ( right ) to see old "Great Grandpa Shay" up close and personal. Although "just" a Pre-Production Model, it has it all ! And it's only a whopping 4" inches in length !
Click on the photo of this "Catalog" Wood Burning Shay to for a couple of enlarged views.
The photo to the right depicts one of our "Catalog" "Tee Boilered" 16 tonners, as outfitted for use with coal for fuel. Ones like this might have seen use in the eastern US where coal was plentiful.

Note that the "Oil" and "Coal" versions of our 16 tonners came equipped with the "Spark Arrestor" you see atop this model's stack.
Here's a photo of yet another of our "Catalog" "Tee Boilered" 16 tonners. This one's been outfitted for use with oil fuel, and has the ubiquitous oil bunker atop her water tank. She's also sporting "Lima Arc" headlamps !

Some Operating Features of our 16 Ton Shays included:
8 Wheel Electrical pickup!
All Wheel Drive just like the prototype!
Swiss Made Maxon Motor w/Integral Gearing!
Real 2:1 "Bevel Cut" "Ring and Pinion" Geared Trucks!
Real Driveshaft and "U" joints just like the prototype!
"Quartered" Sound Cam hidden on the Driveshaft!
Stainless Steel Driver Tires!
"CNC" Cut Precision Gears throughout !
Factory Installed, Operating Genuine Kadee «áCouplers!

These great models were imported in 2000. They have long since been sold out. But rest assured that if you DO find one on the "used" or "secondary" market, it will  make you grin! They were simply GREAT models!

But hey, it's never too late to get your name put on our list of "wants" because, well, life happens, and things can change..  Who knows? it's rare that one of the 16 tonners comes "home", but you might just hit the jackpot..  But if you're not on our list?  That's not likely to happen, is it?

So CLICK HERE to get Your Name added to our 16 ton Shays-Wanted List!  Do it now before you forget!  (Old guy speaking from experience, y'see..)

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