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D&RGW K-27 #461
Circa the 1930's

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  Dan's #461 was shot using our old setup, sans scene and backdrop. ( It happened to be earlier on in the delivery queue.)
  Not much rust showing on this loco. Green Boiler Jacketing didn't last very long around coal fired locomotives, so this one's not been out on the road for long.
  Love that tri-colored herald, don't you ?
  Those funny little things hanging down from the tender floor just at the rear of the tender trucks were actually a gate valve with a short length of hose on it so the engine crew could let a little water trickle on the wheels on steep downgrades. ( In order to keep the brakes cool, y'see. ) We'll show you a closeup of these in a photo yet-to-be-taken. If I can remember to do it that is. . .

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