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A Brace of Factory Painted Production Models for your perusal !

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Our "6000" Series Flat Cars, like that shown above were available painted for 10 of the 20 cars still on the roster in 1942; They were numbered: 6000, 6018, 6022, 6034, 6045, 6057, 6060, 6079, 6088, 6099. The Flats are history. Very few of the work cars remain. Please call for availability.

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These 20 ton 30'-0" Flat Cars serve to provide much rich history, both for the Railroad Historian, and for the Scale Modeler alike. 100 cars were originally constructed in 1887 to fulfill an order placed by the Rio Grande that year, and were numbered between 6000 and 6099. The cars became the "19 Class", but were more commonly referred to simply as "6000" series flats.

P-B-L has succeeded in recreating some of that rich history in the form of these four great model types, beautifully hand-crafted in brass by our builder, The Car Model Company in Korea...

Although many of the cars were either wrecked or retired, a few survived in revenue service until being sold to the U.S. Navy in 1942. But fortunately for us modelers and historians, "The Grande" kept several on as work equipment cars. It was with this in mind that we here at P-B-L elected to bring to you a sampling of the cars that still survive to this day. Cars the like of which make the "yards" in Chama, New Mexico the Railfan / Modeler's paradise that they are!

Three "work cars" made from converted flat cars are also available IN VERY LIMITED QUANTITIES, Factory Painted and correctly Lettered to suit the time period of both the "pre-transition era" and the "post-transition era" modeler, as can be seen in the photos above.

These were a "one shot deal"... Call to check on availability...

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