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P-B-L's 1950's Style Bulldozer Kit in Lifetime Brass!

( Note: Some Screwdriver Assembly Required. )

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This view reveals more about the level of detail we've incorporated into this model. We have a real crawler tractor up here on the property, so it only figures that the "tracks" on our model would have to be "right"... And unfortunately, that's impossible to achieve with a one piece casting.

( Possible, theoretically, but not practically. Y'see, these models are created from "Lost Wax" Castings. The "waxes" must be pulled from rubber molds. And since the "pins" holding the links together on a set of crawler tracks are round, the mould would flow around the pins, therefore becoming trapped, making even the initial pattern removable practically impossible, let alone the "waxes" that would follow. For a much greater, in depth dissertation on the subject of Lost Wax Castings, make certain you get a copy of our Winter-2002" Dispatches. )

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