~ Latest Update - Sunday, November 01, 2009 ~
The "Lube House" at Chama, New Mexico !

- A partial CAD drawing used in creating this amazing kit. -
- Page Four -

Here's a small portion of one of the drawings we created during our stay in Chama... There are over 60,000 "entities" ( Lines, Arcs and Circles ) that make up this set of drawings!

Every brick, whether a full brick or not, and every mortar joint is there on the drawing. And not one of the "arches" over the doors and windows were the same! Not one! Whew. Quite an undertaking, but still, we left NOTHING out!

Whether you're modeling "Chama", or some other town or city, there's probably a reason for a "Fireproof Brick Building"... In the case of this one, it housed bulk oils on one end, ( the end with the steel doors. ), and the Trainmaster's office on the opposite end. With racks in between for such things as lanterns, cotton "waste", and the like.

Our model measures 10.62" on the East and West walls, and 4.336" across the North and South walls. ( That's 269.75mm X 110.14mm for our across-the-pond friend. ) It has a "Concrete Footing" like you see in the photographs, and all of the doors and windows are molded as separate parts in the correct colors ! No painting required !

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