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The "Lube House" at Chama, New Mexico !

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More details. This time we're looking towards the southwest towards the south end of the building. Some of the more obvious details are:
  • Not one of those "arches" over the doors and windows are the same! Not one!
  • That sign on the door was a classic promoting safety. A good idea under these conditions, eh? And of course, all signs are included with the kit. In color!
  • The box on the door was the "Engine Report Box". Every time an engine came in, its Engineer was required to write up a report calling out anything that might require attention so that the shop maintenance crew could take care of it before it went out again.
  • Those strange looking "blocks" beneath its eaves? Well, they were made out of various sized pieces of wood. Each had a piece of 1/2" thick steel plate atop it. Their purpose was to act as "washers" to prevent the nuts atop them from sucking themselves through the sides of the buildings.
    The "nuts" were attached to long iron "rods" which prevented the buildings'sides from bowing out. And like everything else on this building, it appears they were added at different times because none of these were alike either. Some of the nuts had huge, cast iron ornamental washers on them, some didn't. Which, for us modelers is just as well, isn't it?
  • To the right of the entry door, there's a piece of "strap iron" that also acts as a "washer" for a bolt that must hold something to the wall on the inside. A file cabinet on the other side obscured its real purpose. It was painted green too.
  • The thickness of the walls is evident by the width of the window and door casings. Though each has some setback, the backsides of the actual windows and doors were even with the inside walls.
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