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A photo study of a great model for your enjoyment!

- Page Six -

What's left to say that hasn't already been said except that, if you're into models that can stand up to the brutally honest lens of a camera, and you love railroad scenes because they take you back to a quieter time and make you feel like you're a part of them, here's one you for you to consider. With our well illustrated instructions, it's a model you can actually build!

'Fact is, if you've come to this site to knife some of Jimmy's weathering touches, or are simply curious as to what they look like, you can Click Here to download and save to your hard drive the latest set of instructions ( In living color ) as a "Zipped File" that will turn into an *.pdf ( Acrobat ) document when you double click on it.

Note that they've been saved in "booklet format", so the pages won't make much sense unless you either scroll around to find the one that comes after the one you're on, or print 'em on legal sized paper and put 'em together yourself.

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