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- Year Imported: 1992 -

Believe it or not, over the years P-B-L has produced ALL of the Westside's Shays including the little known #5 and #6 !.

Of these, Shays number 8, number 9 and number 10 were by far the most "modern", being constructed between 1923 and 1928; And tipping the scales at between 154,400 and 163,200 pounds, they were also the heaviest.

Gathering information for these models was much easier than for some of the other equipment we have modeled because of all the Shays the West Side owned through the years, only Shays #5 and #6 no longer exist !

The prototype for our #8 is now at the Colorado Railroad Museum ; Shay number 9 is in Mount Pleasant Iowa where it can be seen in operation on occasion on their "Midwest Central"; and Shay number 10 is alive and well in Fish Camp, California running on the Yosemite Mountain Suger Pine Railroad.

Each of our carefully researched models accurately represent their prototypes. And when it comes to operation, there were no compromises either. They featured Micro-Mo Motors with integral gearboxes for smooth, powerful operation, and were geared to run at prototypical-for-shays speeds... In about the 15 s.m.p.h. range...

Some of the Operating Features of our Shays Included:
12 Wheel Electrical pickup!
All Wheel Drive just like the prototype!
Swiss Made MicroMo Motor w / Integral Gearing!
Real Driveshaft and “U” joints just like the prototype!
Sound Cam hidden on the Driveshaft!
Stainless Steel Driver Tires!
Operating Genuine Kadee ® Couplers!

   Number 8 and her sisters, the Number 9 and Number 10 were built for us by Samhongsa back in 1992... Total production was 150 of pieces, divided up into thirds, (Sort of.. There were more $8's than either of the others..).. As you might expect, at this point in time they are long gone..
   And in today's world they could never be recreated for anything near what we sold them for back then.. So the sad fact is they'll never be recreated, or in 'importer parlance', ReRun...
   But since we do take trade-ins, we run across one every once in awhile.. If you are in the market for one, it wouldn't hurt to get in touch with us so as to get your name down on our "wanted" list. That way we can drop you a note if and when one comes in... They were TRULY GREAT MODELS!

Click Here, or on the photo left for a better look at Westside Lumber Co. Shay Number 9...

Click Here, or on the photo (right) for a closer look at Westside Lumber Co. Shay Number 10...

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