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"T-12" #169 - A bit of history. . .

    "T-12" #169 was last outshopped in February 1934, and she was a runner!  According to long time Engineer Ben Greathouse, she made the trip the 28 miles from Alamosa to Antonito in 30 minutes!  That's almost 60 mph, on 44" drivers!
    Compare #169's tender to that behind #168.  As different as night is from day!  The #168 had a "Flare Sided" Tender with wooden "coal boards", whereas that on #168 had straight sides which also form her coal boards!     Notice also how #169 must have had some sort of "damper" inside her smokebox, as there's a lever with a rod attached to it that ends up inside the cab on this Fireman's side view.
    We've heard of these things, but this is the first ever locomotive we've modeled to actually have one on it!  A unique detail, peculiar to the T-12's!
    As mentioned earlier on, #168 and #169 survive down to this day; the #168 being on display adjacent to the old Depot in Colorado Springs; the #169 being on display, along with Business Car # B-1 just as you are leaving town headed east out of Alamosa.  So if you get the chance, pay ‘em a visit and dream about how it must have been, living back when they were the pride of the fleet!
    Each of these models was constructed from a Firm Reservation.. A deposit was required..  Any over-runs were on a first-come-first-served basis, and all have been SOLD OUT for going on two decades...

    It's never too late to get your name put on our list of "wants" because, well, life happens, and things can change..  Who knows? it's rare that one of the T-12's comes "home", but you might just hit the jackpot..  But if you're not on our list?  That'not likely to happen!

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