~ Latest Update Friday, October 28, 2022 ~
~ The D&RGW's "3000" Series Box Car ~
As a "Super Box" with Positionable Doors and Interior Detail !

   P-B-L's D&RGW "3000" Class Boxcar as a "Super Box" version because sometimes it's nice to see a car with an open door and an interior! - An all injection molded super detailed kit in "Sn3" from PBL!
    When we introduced our first-ever Injection Molded freight car, back in 1985 at the Fifth Annual National Narrow Gauge Convention in Columbus, Ohio, who would have ever thought we'd get this far in this system of things?
   Since then our stand-up models of these, the ubiquitous "3000" Class Box Cars have gone through several revisions, but basically, the detailing has remained the same as when it was introduced...
   Some time before 1990, ( When we moved from Chama to Ukiah...) we decided that once in a while it would be nice to have a model with a positionable door and an interior so a guy could show off his modeling skills... ( And his ground crew could have something to do with all those sacks of flour and the like, heh, heh, heh...)
   Hence, the "Super Box" came to life... So-named to distinguish it from the original cars whose doors were molded in place... Sure, it costs a bit more money than one of our "R2" Kits, but more tooling had to be cut to produce the finescale individual parts not included in the original kits, and for this, somebody has to pay...
   So anyhow, here's a photo of what could very well be the first one out of the hatch... Considering the fact that it's spent a good portion of its life being carted from show to show and handled who knows how many times, it's still a pretty darned good looking model, isn't it?  'Guess we'll just have to keep it for ourselves!

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