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~ The "800" Series "Drop Bottom" Gondola ! ~
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A continuation of our photo essay of this great models...

Here's a Topside view of this great model. Every nut, every bolthead, every board is in its place on this model. And it shows, doesn't it?

And the model kit itself is all injection moulded styrene plastic, so all of those boards,nuts, bolts and even the wood grain are already there! In this case, the old ax: "Only wood looks like wood" falls on its face. There is absolutely no way anyone could create a masterpiece like this one from wood. At least not in any scale much smaller than 1/2" = 1'-0". For starters, the wood grain would be too course! Then just think of the time involved in doing it!

With a little patience, and some practice, you too will be building models like this! The instruction booklet supplied with this model will walk you through the steps to achieveing professional results!

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