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~ S.P. "Type I" Boxcar ~

(Since the Espee Narrow Gauge cars could be found with either 16" or 20" grab irons on their sides, we elected to tool both types, differentiating between the two by adding the suffex "16" or "20" to their part numbers.. )

   From its peculiar, lacy looking "Thielsen" type Arch Bar Trucks to its lack of "Turnbuckles" and short, (even by narrow gauge standards), length, the car pictured above represents what was the "norm", rather than the "exception" on the S.P.'s narrow gauge "Stepchild" that plied the Owens Valley..

   The model you see above was built for us by our old friend, Bill Schaefer.. And to anyone familiar with the prototype, this model should be instantly recognizable. 'Fact is, if were photographed against an "Owens Valley" type of backdrop, and the "Kadee® Gladhands" were removed, one would be hard pressed to tell it from the real thing, 'you reckon?

   Here's another view of #331.. The painting and lettering was done by Bill Schaefer also, with your pal and mine, Jimmy Booth, doing the weathering honors on this one.. All decked out in "Sunburn Red", she's a beauty, isn't she?

    The #331 is shown as she may have looked prior to the 1946 renumbering. And as she looks now, all rebuilt and on display at the Sacramento Railroad Museum here in California.. ( Sans weathering, of course.. )

   Here are a couple of end view shots.. All of the photos on this page are taken directly from the instructions included in this run of kits.. And yes, they're in color in the kits too!

   This model weighs in right about 3.5 ounces.. It comes complete with the accurately scaled, easy-to-assemble, ( Read Snap Together ) free rolling "Thielsen" Type trucks you see, moulded in that engineering plastic we use for this purpose, "Celcon".. And of course, the now Standard of the Industry Proto-Contoured Coined-with-Ribbed-Backs and "GRIFFIN DENVER" Faces, free rolling nickel plated brass wheelsets!

   All parts of this model kit, save for the hand grabs and piping are injection moulded in either high impact styrene plastic, or ABS, neither of which will warp, shrink, or crack with age like many other mediums..    Proper Thin Filmed Decals and Genuine Kadee® #156 "Whisker" Couplers are also included, of course...

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