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~ The D&RGW's "6500" Series "Bulkhead" Flat Cars ~

Of the 45 "6500" Fishbelly Flat Cars built by the D&RGW, only two were ever to receive the end bulkheads as seen on number 6527 above. According to Bob Sloan's book "A Century plus Ten of the D&RGW's Narrow Gauge Freight Cars", these cars were converted some time in the 1950's for shipping "wallboard" ( known today as "Drywall" ) to Farmington, New Mexico which was then booming because of the newly discovered oil fields. The bulkheads make for an interesting variation of the "6500" flats.

If you haven't yet read the commentary on the "6500" Flats, Click Here for a bit more history.

Like all of our kits, this one has complete underbody detailing, with mostly brass "piping" and "hand grabs". ( "Mostly", because some of the brake rigging is also moulded as it makes some "interesting" turns on the prototype...)

And although that bulkhead looks like wood, it, like the remainder of the car is all injection moulded to achieve the highest possible level of detail. This model, built for us by Bill Schaffer, has had the "Scratch Brush Weathering" treatment applied to the wood. ( Do a search for "weathering" in our Online Catalog to order one of these for yourself. )

Special "ASF" "Cast Steel" trucks were created for this model, as can be seen by clicking here. . . These trucks are moulded in an engineering plastic bearing the trade name "Celcon ®", And of course, our unique FineScale appearing Proto-Contoured Coined-with-Ribbed-Backs and "GRIFFIN DENVER" Faces, free rolling nickel plated brass wheelsets!    Click Here to see 'em!

Decals and Genuine Kadee ® Couplers are included, of course, along with comprehensive instructions and "hints" to ensure that your model will end up looking like the one shown above...

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