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Believe it or not, this is P-B-L's 31st year in operation as your "Sn3" Source ! ! ! ( Yeah we find it kind of hard to believe too. . . ) And things around here haven't much changed. 'Cept the 17 year old writing this letter has to look at hisself in a "fun house mirror" each morning now, and doesn't bounce near as well as he did back when all this began, ( A first-hand admission here: I got tangled up in some limbs whilst cutting firewood a couple winters back, and though the ground was unaffected by my fall, I most certainly was. Ooooch, Ouch, Ooooch, Ouch. )

Anyway, as was noted before, the intended purpose of this page was to get "late breaking news" across to you, our highly esteemed modeling friends and customers. But for whatever reasons might seem handy to point out, the simple truth of the matter is I never found the time, much less the inclination to keep up with it.

So anyhow, because of this lack of ( time / ambition / incentive - you fill in the word you think best fits here. ), I came up with this spiffy way to "get the word out" sans the hassle of creating new web pages and shooting new photos. It's the " Ticker-tape " which you should see running at the bottom of your browser.

However, if you're NOT seeing all the latest / greatest from yer pals here at P-B-L, up there on the header of yer browser, where you see "File" "Edit" "View" "Favorites" etc, you need to click on View , then click on " Status Bar "... ( This'll work if you're using I.E. If you're using some other browser, sorry... Yer on yer own...)

Once clicked you should see a text line scrolling across the bottom of the page. Replete with all the newsy stuff you've been patiently waiting to hear from the likes of P-B-L...

Hopefully , I'll be better able to keep up with this in a more timely fashion... ( Note the italics here ? )

The real-deal P-B-L Support Pages will still remain on-line. But with the emphasis on SUPPORT, instead of "late-breaking" news that gets stagnant...

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