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D&RGW K-27 #461
Circa the 1930's

~ Updated May 19, 2010 ~

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As noted on the photo, this Foreground Model was delivered to long time customer and friend, Dan Kempf. Although it was a Green Boilered version, Dan wanted her to have a "well used" appearance, and she got it. And though I've never much cared for weathering on my green boilered models before seeing this one, I think I've begun to change my mind. This is purely one GORGEOUS model ! Wow !

The '27's came in two different distinctive "flavors": Inside and Outside Piston Valves. #461 had the "inboard" variety as evidenced by the way the tops of her cylinders slope inwards, and most of her valve gear hangs outside the cylinder's centerline for all to see.

Highly visible in this photo are the various "layers" of steel on her tender sides. On our models this is made possible by the use of triple-step etchings. This is a costly option, but we think you'll agree that the realism this imparts is certainly worth the extra cost.

Some other details worthy of note are:

  • The Steel Plated Rods and Valve Gear on Dan's model are dirty and grimy from use over-the-road, as they should be. After all, #461 has as yet to be serviced and steam cleaned from her last assignment.

  • That gorgeous, see-through Spark Arrestor atop her stack. Most of the '27's and '28's come so equipped. ( Starting the woods on fire was as much a concern in the thirties as it is in todays world. )

  • The three dimensional effect of that lost-wax-cast firebox with all its rivets and staybolts in evidence. . .

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