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A few photos of our C&S / RGS Consolidations we snatched from the archives...


C&S #76 was one of three of its kind outshopped by the Brooks Locomotive Works back in 1898. Her very "modern" appearing canted cylinders with their sheet metal jacketing housed a new "Piston Valve" design, which was a forgleam of things to come, and 'way ahead of their time. It's no wonder that, a few years earlier, back in 1883 Brooks' locomotives had been judged Best in Show at the Chicago Industrial Exposition, they were constructed using all of the innovations available at the time!

But the early 1890's had brought a financial depression upon the country. So not many years after #74, #75 and #76 were constructed, in 1901 the Brooks Locomotive Works and several other locomotive builders, merged with the Schenectady Locomotive Works to form the American Locomotive Company, (ALCO ) in order to compete against the then giant of the industry, the Baldwin Locomotive Company.

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There's another "MOUSEOVER" event tied to the above photo. Just run your mouse over it to view the Beartrap Stack" in the "Run" position! Pretty cool, eh?

The #76 and her sisters will be powered by our 'specially wound 17mm Coreless Motor which same provides prototypical speeds bordering on a slow walk to around 40 Scale Miles Per Hour.

All versions will come with a SNOWPLOW packaged separately in the box. ( Screwdriver assembly. )

These models will be constructed from Firm Reservations ONLY, these requiring a deposit. Any over-runs will be on a first-come-first-served basis.

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