~ This run of "C-19's" arrived late 2001 ~

~ Latest Update: July 18, 2016 ~

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Once in a while a guy will shoot a photo that comes out close to what he'd hoped for. Rarely he'll get a shot he's completely happy with. But only once in a GREAT while he'll get a shot that totally exceeds his expectations. This is one of those. Never mind the fact that the #306 has no passengers in it, the scene, the lighting, the models all come together to say "Great Stuff here!" And so it is... Which is why simply we couldn't resist posting it here for you to see too...

The locomotive is, of course, one of our very latest, just received R.G.S. #40's circa the later "Transition Era" finished as one of our World Renown FOREGROUND MODELS... And Jimmy's weathering really brought it to life! The rust on the smoke box simply couldn't be better.

The #306 Passenger Coach with its "Conductors' Bay Window" is one of the few remaining from our recently arrived "Passenger Sets", it being an "extra" so to speak. You can still get one if you hurry.

The Foreground scene is one you've seen before which I cobbled up some years back to shoot photos on; the Background scene was shot in the mid 1980s ( Memory serves me right... ) on the highway west of Chama just before you get to Chromo, lookin' north, on a perfect fall day and is one I never tire of.

Funny thing about the mountains of Southern Colorado / Northern New Mexico. 'Far as I know, they are the only place on our earth where the colors are this bright; the mountains this majestic; and the sky this clear and blue......

But you're not here to "listen" to me reminisce. So on with the show! We were able to shoot photos of some of the C-19's as they were coming off of Jimmy's workbench. Most have a RH and a LH view which you can access if you go to the first photo of the model as shown below. Click on any of the icons below to have a closer look at the subject.

We did a better job of chronicling this model run than most of those in our past. Mostly due to the advent of decent digital cameras. Clicking on any of the icons above will get yu a look at that particular model.

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