Original Posting Date: August 2003
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This Locomotive is one of our very latest K-28 Class Mikados, which Jimmy Booth has given the FOREGROUND MODEL ® treatment to. It's what we'd term a "Medium" weathering job. ( You can click on the image above to SUPER-SIZE this photo. It's 2.3 megs, but well worth the look if you have a fast connection to the Internet . )

As usual, creating these Foreground Models ® takes time.. Not to mention TALENT.. That said, their status is: They're moving out of here at a slow but steady pace, and of course, being custom weathered to suit each new owner, no two weathering jobs ever end up exactly alike.

I now have my "second generation" Digital Camera for these chores. It's a Nikon 5700 and I purely love it ! It's a real treat, when Jimmy comes into my office announcing he's completed another model, to and be able to go out to the shop, set the model on my latest, ( Not to be confused with my GREATEST. ) "quick-built" scene stationed in front of an almost-brings-tears-to-yer-eyes backdrop and shoot a photo like this, then have to do little else than "drop in" some smoke and steam to give the "still" some life and end up with a picture like this! (No, it's not really that easy, nor does it "just happen" like that, but it makes for good reading.. Maybe?)

Funny thing about the mountains of Southern Colorado / Northern New Mexico. 'Far as I know, they are the only place on our earth where the colors are this dazzling; the mountains this majestic; and the sky this clear and blue; and the . . . . . . Well, you get the point. . .

But you're not here to "listen" to me reminisce. So on with the show! I've been trying to chronicle some of some of the K-27's and K-28's as they've come off of Jimmy's workbench. But most time's I've not been very successful. So far have mostly a sort of LH 7/8's front view and a RH 7/8's rear view, either of which you can access if you go to the first photo of the model as shown below.

I'd like to "get" one, ( a photo ) of each version before they're all "history"; as a sort of tribute to what we've accomplished this year. ( 2003 ) I guess time will tell if I succeeded or not, won't it ?

If fine modelwork winds yer crank, there'll be more photos yet to come. So drop back when time permits.

As usual, click any of the icons below to have a closer look at the subject.

Click on the photo above to get yerself an absolutely killer screen saver photo of the real thing , courtesy of your pal and mine, Jimmy Booth, who just so happened to be in the right place, (The REAL Durango Yards!) at the right time - Winter 2003**!

( Right click on it to save it to your hard drive after it loads. And don't forget where you put it ! )

More photos will be added as time permits. Meantime, thanks for dropping by. And for sure, if you've any comments regarding this site, how we might improve it, broken links, etc., give us a call, or drop us a note . We really do appreciate hearing from you guys!

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