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Note that the LOCOMOTIVES you see on these pages will have been long ago SOLD OUT.

At this writing, only some versions of the ROTARY are available,

We TRY to keep our structure kits and rolling stock kits on hand at all times. To see what we have in the "queue" as far as upcoming projects are concerned, click on "New Projects" to see what we've got in the queue for delivery yet this year. You may want to reserve yours now so you won't be left in the lurch when these new models become available !

These models which arrived in 2008 heralded our entry into the realm of that "other" Colorado Narrow Gauge operation, the Colorado and Southern. Their prototypes were the last narrow gauge steamers to operate on the C&S, outlasting all the other C&S's motive power by a good five years! Long sold out now...

The West Side Lumber Company's Shays 's #5 and #6, plus our 55 Ton "Catalog" Shays, which we offered lettered and numbered for our customers whose needs included a Private Roadname! These latter on a Reservation Only basis, of course.

Click Here or on the photo above to read all about these unusual models!

The Rio Grande's "T-12" Class 4-6-0's arrived July, 2005 !
In Lifetime Brass, of course !
Click Here or on the photo above to read all about 'em !

The Rio Grande's "C-16", "C-17" and "C-18" Class 2-8-0's
in Lifetime Investment Brass Too!

Probably the most widely used of all the mechanical contraptions on the 'Grande's roster, these "winged warriors" served yeoman duty during the winter months, then got called out to manicure the roadbed during the summer months.

'Sides that, although the R.G.S. never owned one, per se, the fact is they'd "borrow" OU on occasion to spruce up their mainline too 'cause the Jordan was real good at clearing away brush from the right-of-way.

So click on the photo above to see pics we shot of the three distinct versions of Spreader "OU" we created. The time is past for adding one of these to YOUR roster... They are long since SOLD OUT... Sorry...

Rotary Snowplow "OY" and its Entourage Arrived February 2005 !
Created to Represent Three Different Time Periods !
  • 1930's - Freight Car Red w/ White Lettering
  • 1940's - M.O.W. Gray w/ Black Lettering
  • 1950's - M.O.W. Gray w/ Black Lettering
Each a Beautifully Modeled, Accurate Replica of this Great, Still Existing Prototype!
See photos of all three versions here !


The Chama Lube House & Shop Superintendent's Office !

Is this the "Brick" Building to end all Brick Buildings? ( Read on. . . )

Words and even photos fail to describe this modest sized structure adequately. So the old and often-used-by-us phrase "There's never been anything like it!" will have to do once again...

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    This humble structure is without a doubt the most accurate model of its type ever created! And we built it so that you, our good friends, customers, and loyal supporters can have a model of a structure that still exists ( in Chama, New Mexico ) for your layout that, while only 10" or so long, takes a back seat to none.

    Click Here , or on the photo above to check out the model's qualifications and why we're inclined once again to superlatives. . .

    Or CLICK HERE to order yours NOW ! Do a "search" for part number "PBL-900" , the Chama Lube House kit, and it's "in the bag". Er, Cart. Heh, Heh, Heh...

The Sand House at Chama, New Mexico !

Designed and Engineered by P-B-L to be the "Foreground Model" of Lasercut Kits !

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Pretty dramatic photo, eh? Somehow that black background makes this model "bigger than life"... You can click here it to see an even bigger version, if you're so inclined. (Big pictures take time to load, but at least this one'll open in a "new window". ) In keeping with our idea of replicating the scene at Chama New Mexico, we herewith offer you, our good friends and loyal supporters what amounts to the "Cadillac" of laser-cut structure kits. Simply put, it's the finest, most accurately engineered model of its kind we've ever seen! We think you'll agree that the model you see in these pictures, built by Jimmy in only a couple days, would hold its own in any model contest!

If you study the photos on the pages connected with this link, you'll see that we "pulled out all the stops" when we designed this one. Here are but a few of the "features" we've included with this kit:

  • Layered, keyed together construction... With "peel and stick" battens. There's just almost no way you can wrong on this one!
  • Accurately modeled "sand bin" The real thing is made of used "ties", which of course, had notches in them to accept "tie plates". Our model has 300+ "tie plate notches" pre-milled into its "ties".
  • Easy-to-construct tower assembly, with jigs to hold the parts in place while you position them !
  • Hundreds of "nail indentions", located where they would be on the prototype ! These take and hold stain GREAT to give the full effect of an aged wooden structure! Heck, we even cut in the outlines for the hinges, latches and hatches and pre-drilled holes for the "loops" where you'd hang a lock for you ! "Real", yet scale appearing "sanded" material to represent the rolled roofing of the prototype!
  • "White metal" castings for the "spout"; counterweight; ventilators; chimney and pipe flanges. An injection molded "lid" for the hopper that has 42 nuts around the perimeter!
  • Pre-cut and pre-chamfered posts, with no two alike, "hand hewn" just like the protoype!
  • Generously illustrated step by step instructions with, of course, the ubiquitous "Foreward" by your friend and ours, old John Hugh Coker , plus staning and painting hints and tips by none other than our Jimmy Booth. All designed to guide you along so that you too can have a "contest quality" structure, but with a minimum of effort!
  • To find out more about this stand-up model, click on the photo above and follow the links. And if you already own one of the kits, the photos on these pages are there to assist you in getting your model to look "just so";

CLICK HERE to order yours today ! Do a "search" for part number "PBL-SK100" , the Chama Sand House Kit, and it'll be on its way to you poste haste!

( Note: All photos above are actual production models. )


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