~ Latest Update: Wednesday, October 10, 2012 ~

[ We left the control above so's you could hear that steam whistle one last time. We knew you couldn't resist! Heh Heh Heh...]

~ Foreground Sound System II ~

P-B-L has been in the "Sound" business ever since realistic "Sound" for Model Railroads has been available. If you read the "About P-B-L" story, you already know about our affiliation with the world famous PFM Sound / Power System which dates back to 1970...

But sadly, in mid-July of 2004, our long time friend, Robert H. "Bob" Longnecker, who developed the systems for PFM, and then later the FSS-II for P-B-L, passed away after a lengthy illness. And with his passing also passed production of the Finest, Most Versatile Digital Sound / Power System ever produced.

It's not that we would wish it to be this way, nor do we think would Bob. But the basic facts are, without his direction and guidance, we lack the capabilty of perpetuating the system he created for us.

To the best of our ability, it is our intent to continue to support our loyal customers who own these highly prized systems. We'll certainly be using ours until such time as it is proven to us that something better has indeed come along that can replace it. Which might be a very long time. . .

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