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Or: How to clear out your computer's "Cache"... Take yer pick...
If you got to this page, it's because the 3 Truck Shay "Slide Show" didn't work for you, right? So rather than chide you for being impatient, (A problem we probably all share.), here's how to undo what's been done:
    Find and CLICK ON "TOOLS" on the MENU bar.
    Scroll down to and click on INTERNET OPTIONS.
    Click on the GENERAL TAB. Beneath it you'll see "Browsing History".
    Under "Browsing History - Click on the SETTINGS button.
    A new window appears called "Temporary Internet Files and History Settings."
    Make sure "Every time I visit the webpage" is checked. But this won't fix the
    problem. Y'see, somehow Internet Explorer fails to recognize this command. This
    is done to make you THINK your computer is screaming fast. "Wow! Look how
    fast these photos load!" When it actually isn't 'cause they're all stored
    in this file called "Temporary Internet Files and History Settings."
    Commonly referred to as "cache" in computer speak.
    (See, corporate America has lied to you again. Don't you HATE IT when
    that happens?)
    Click on VIEW FILES. You probably won't believe all the stuff that you
    see stored there!
    When the page finally populates, scroll down and look for a file called:
    "3_truckers.html" Delete this file and you should be good to go... BUT...
    Just in case, CLICK ON NEW PROJECTS FIRST, then scroll down to the SHAYS
    Once its loaded, try out the slideshow again.
Note that, if you're using Firefox , you'll have to dig into its tools / options / privacy and change the "Remember visited pages for the last _ days" to -0- days in order to clear out its cache.

Click Here to send us an email if the bug persists. It may be we'll have to go back to the separate pages format if this causes too much angst. Grrrrrrrr. Modern technology. Bah.

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