Circa the 1940's - 1950's

~ Revised 4-23-03 ~

This model and her sisters were imported in 1999 as one of a grand total of 150 pieces. 50 each of the #8, the #9, and the #18.

These little hogs were the pride of the "Owens Valley", and justifiably so. Their prototypes pretty much emitomized what Narrow Gauge Railroading in California was all about back in the glory days of steam. And if the "powers that be" on the SP's management hadn't filed for abandonment, it's this writer's opinion that there would be a third major narrow gauge tourist attraction in operation today, instead of just two, and it wouldn't be on the rails of the former D&RGW either!

Of course, one could say the same for the likes of the R.G.S. also. But that's "Progress", I reckon... For whatever it's worth anyways... Oh well... Hindsight and all that...

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from about the mid-1940's onward.

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