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    Above you see one of the K-27's we produced in 1999. This is the number 461 as she might have appeared around 1939 - 1941. Still in evidence are the "external lubricator lines" on the smokebox. They got rid of these right around 1941 when they began replacing them with the cab mounted "Bullseye" Lubricators. It appears that the idea behind these lines was to warm up the lube oil so it would flow better. But they were undoubtedly a maintanance problem due to their partial placement inside the smokebox with the HEAT, smoke, soot and cinders traveling through it all the time..
    Each of the small photos below, (icons) will zoom out if you place your mouse over them, affording you an enlarged view of what you can expect to find when you click on it..
   As near as I can determine,  this page began towards the late 1990s', long before we had the convenience of having "click on" photos that pop up much larger and actually "play" (or display) a number of different photos or views..
    So long story short,  clicking on each of the icons below will take you to a different page featuring other photos/views of that model and perhaps those of others in it's "class"..
    One more thing of note: The majority of these photos were taken when the model run was released..  Some are actually scans of prints we shot with our old 35mm still camera..  And despite what some might think, scans are just that..  The technology has improved since computer memory has become cheap, but they are still scans..   If the models were still around we could probably do better..  And the fact is that's been on our collective minds for some time now..  Like maybe a soft cover or spiral wound "book" containing different views of EVERY Model we have ever produced, called "The P-B-L Legacy"...  
   OK, not every single MODEL , per se..  But a representative of every locomotive within each class...    (At least not today, anyway? Heh Heh...)

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"C-16" Class Consolidations
2005 Production Run
"C-17" Class Consolidations
2005 Production Run
  "C-18" Class Consolidations
2005 Production Run
"C-19" Class Consolidations
2001 Production Run
  C & S 2-8-0's
 2007 Production Run
"K-27" Class Mikados
2003 Production Run
"K-27" Class "Hybrids"
2011 Production Run
"K-28" Class Mikados
2004 Production Run
"K-36" Class Mikados
1995 Production Run
"K-37" Class Mikados
1991 Production Run
"T-12" Class Ten Wheelers
2004 Production Run
S.P. Ten Wheelers !
2001 Production Run
R.G.S. Ten Wheelers !
1988 Production Run?
Geared Locomotives !
 1990 Production Run (?)
Shays ! Shays! Shays!
All Kinds, Shapes & Sizes !
Passenger Cars!
Maintenance of Way Equipment!
Construction Equipment!

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