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P-B-L's 1950's Style Bulldozer Kit in Lifetime Brass!

( Note: Some Screwdriver Assembly Required. )

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Like it or not, after the invention of the "Best" and "Holt" Crawler Tractors, life has been much simpler for the guys who build roads; Rail or otherwise. Our model is a very accurate representation of one of the first Bulldozers with "Hydraulics". Right down to, and including all of the hydraulic lines of the prototype, as can be seen in this photo.

The R.O.P.S. ( "Roll Over Protection System" for those of you unaccustomed to "Operating Engineer" lingo. ) was modeled off a logging dozer right here in this neck of the woods, and is of the "round tube" variety. Most later dozers were equipped with sturdier cages made of square tubing. ( Trees are BIG around these parts! )

Note the "see-thru" mesh attached to the R.O.P.S? A good idea when working in the woods, where it becomes all too easy to get hurt when you're lax at paying attention to your surroundings!

Although somewhat out-dated now, many of these ground-pounders can still be seen around this area, and I suspect others as well.

There were 200 of these Gorgeous 1/64th Scale Replicas produced. For the WORLD ! We have very few remaining, so order yours today!

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