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P-B-L's 1950's Style Bulldozer Kit in Lifetime Brass!

( Note: Some Screwdriver Assembly Required. )

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Here's another view of our Dozer. We think even the most critical of our construction oriented customers will be impressed, if not staggered by the attention to detail we've managed to contain in this "small" package.

Some not-so-obvious things are

  • Double "Rod Caps" with their retaining bolts keep the blades "arms" in place on their pivot pins. And yes, that blade is positionable too!.
  • The inverted "V" Gravel Shields on the blade above the front hydraulic ram pivots.
  • Individual "Track Links" and "Pads" create the top portion of the "Tracks" allowing them to be positionable.
  • The Track "Links and Pins" are each individually Lost Wax Castings and hand assembled. Expensive, yes, but the only way to make 'em have the "look" of the prototype!
  • A Fully Detailed Engine and Radiator! Injector Pump, Oil and Fuel Filters, Intake and Exhaust Manifolds. Even its underside is completely detailed! Gorgeous stuff!
  • Correct width track "rollers" and "sprockets." If this model were powered, it would work just like the real thing! ( Which is how they all should be, right? )
For a view closer look at those tracks click on the lcon below...

Email or call us for details on how to procure one for yourself. Do it now!

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