The "Lube House" at Chama, New Mexico !

A model of uncommon accuracy for your modeling pleasure!
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Here's a look at the East by Northeast side of the building. The deeply set windows of the prototype show nicely here, don't they? We've even molded them in the correct color of green to save you the agony of painting them!

Notice how the seams common to tarpaper roofing are also pre-molded onto the roof sections. And, is common practice in the high country, as with many other areas prone to lots of snow and ice in the wintertime, and especially on a roof as "flat" as this one, the overlap is closer to 8" instead of the 4" minimum used elsewhere. ( Actually, up here in Northern California, where we have really rainy winters, this isn't such a bad idea either! ) We molded the roof sections in green also, like that of the prototype.

Not so readily apparent though is the "gray" area on the underside of the roof. 'Know why it's "gray" colored? 'Cause the real thing has a CONCRETE ROOF under that tarpaper, that's why! And its lower edge shows just like that on our model! ( There's a trim board around its upper edges. )

The prototype has these huge concrete "footings" to support all that weight. In your "Sn3" kit, this is molded in a reinforced plaster, making it quite easy to stain and make look like concrete.

The walls are molded in a "terra cotta" or "brick" color, so there's no reason to paint them either. Once "grouted", the color tends to "lighten up" some giving the structure an aged appearance.

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