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The "Lube House" at Chama, New Mexico !

- A close-up of the wealth of detail exhibited on this model ! -

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Here's a closeup of the Northwest facing end of the building. Keeping in mind that this is the HO scale version you're seeing here , ( The penny being for size comparison. ), a few statistics might be in order:
    For instance
  • Those rivets you see on the doors seem to be scattered all over, right? Well sir, don't blame us because each one is positioned as per the prototype! They are 010" [0.25mm] in diameter by .004" [0.1mm] tall. Which is smaller than the rivets on most brass models. Any smaller and we couldn't get 'em to mould and, worse yet, a coat of paint would pretty much cover 'em up! We're including a scale sized "template" you can cut out to use as a "paint mask" for when you spray those shutters red.
  • Can you see the "hasp" hanging down on the end door? Across from its pivot point is where they'd place the padlock when nobody was around.
  • None of the "arches" over the doors and windows are the same! Not one! But we left NOTHING out!
  • Every brick, whether a full brick or not, and every mortar joint is there, and yes, we're even including some "mortar" to make filling those joints easy for you!

Whether you're modeling "Chama", or some other town or city, there's undoubtedly a reason why a "Fireproof Brick Building" would exist there. . .In the case of this one, it housed bulk oils on one end, ( the end with the steel shutters. ), and the Enginehouse Superintendent's office on the opposite end. With racks in between for such things as locomotive hardware and the like.

Our "Sn3 model measures 10.62" on the East and West walls, and 4.336" across the North and South walls. ( That's 269.75mm X 110.14mm for our friends from across-the-pond. ) The "Concrete Footing" you see in the photographs, and all of the doors and windows as separate parts, are moulded in the colors you see for ease of painting, or not, at your discretion.


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