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If you "dig" MOW equipment, you've come to the right place !
Note that the photos on these pages depict models that are either SOLD OUT or in VERY LIMITED SUPPLY. For a listing of what's currently available, Click Here.
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From a modeler's standpoint, rotary "OY" and her entourage are nigh unto irresistable. And as you can see, we succombed to her charms. Big time ! No less than three distinct variations were imported early in 2005.
Click Here or on the photo for some GREAT PHOTOS of all three variants !

Probably the most widely used of all the mechanical contraptions on the 'Grande's roster, these "winged warriors" served yeoman duty during the winter months, then got called out to manicure the roadbed during the summer months.

'Sides that, although the R.G.S. never owned one, per se, the fact is they'd "borrow" OU on occasion to spruce up their mainline too 'cause the Jordan was real good at clearing away brush from the right-of-way.

So click on the photo above to see pics we shot of the three distinct versions of Spreader "OU" we created. Time's runnin' out on these, so if you're of a mind to add one to YOUR roster, best you do it quick, 'fore it's too late.

As is our usual bent, we spent an inordinate amount of time documenting this thing before we ever actually produced it. And it shows ! "OB" was produced to suit two different modeling eras.
Click Here or on the photo to see photos of them.

It was back in mid-2001 that these magnificent creatures made their appearance here at P-B-L. As you can see from the photo, there were two distinct models produced. Their total production was 85 pieces.
Click Here or on the photo for some GREAT PHOTOS of them !

No railroad could be considered complete without having "special" or "designated" cars available for their M.O.W. crews and track gangs.
We imported three of the most often photographed M.O.W. "Flats" used on "the Grande", in two different color / paint schemes to represent the two most popular modeling eras. Click Here or on the photo to see them.

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