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Whether or not you're into Logging prototypes, you'll have to admit that the Mechanical Marvels, (SHAY Locomotives - Nicknamed "Sidewinders" by the guys who worked with them in the woods...) offered by the LIMA Locomotive Company were a sight to behold...

On this page you'll find icons (small photos) which you can click on for enlarged views of these...  Please be aware that these have been long since sold out...  However, there's always the possibility that one might come back in a trade..  Keren keeps a running list of "wants" so if you're in the market for any particular model, ask her to add you to her list..

Click on this icon for a visit to our 16 Ton Shay site . There you'll be greeted by an enlarged view of this great photo, plus photos of the Michigan-California #2 spot, and four other 16 tonners. All spruced up and lookin' good for you !

The 37 Tonners arrived in 2018..
Click on the icon below for a visit to our 37 Ton Shay site!
EIGHT Distinct Versions of these "perfect size" Shays were created for us by our pal Se Ho from our exhaustivly researched 3D drawings, and they show it! They're sepectacular!

Click on this icon for a visit to our 55 Ton Shay site
We produced the West Side Lumber Company's #5 and #6 two truck Shays IN 2007, along with a number of specially lettered "Catalog" 55 Tonners...

There are some great photos posted here, so click on #5 and enjoy !

- 60 TON 3 TRUCK SHAYS ! -
Although these shays had the appearance of a "Pacific Coast" Shay, they were considerably smaller in real life.

As a matter of fact they were a full 5'-1" shorter than West Side Lumber Co's #8, #9 and #10!

But boy, howdy, did they have the LOOK! Chunky to the max is what they were all about...
    New Mexico Lumber Company's Shay #7
    Swayne Lumber Company's Shay #6, and
    West Side Lumber Company's Shay #12.
    Klickitat Log and Lumber Co. #5
    Swayne Lumber Company's Shay #6.
    Eagle Lakes Spruce Mill's Shay #2.
Click Here , or on the photo above for some photos of these exquisite once-in-a-lifetime models!

< Click on this icon for a look at the West Side Lumber Company's biggest shays... Shays #8, #9 and #10! .
    Note that these models were imported back in 1992, so the photos aren't as "tight" as the stuff we're capable of these days, but they're still not too shabby, especially if you're a fan of the West Side!  Just sayin'...

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