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The C.& S. "Type III" Steel Underframed Refrigerator Car

The C.& S. "Type III" Steel Underframed Refrigerator Car
"A" End View

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Some Features of P-B-L's - C.& S. Model Kits:

  • Each Part Painstakingly Researched and Created in Precision Hard Tooling and Injection Moulded in Styrene or Celcon® Plastic!
  • A Complete, One Piece Molded Celcon® Brake Rigging Shot!
  • Accurately Scaled, Free Rolling "Cast Steel" type Bettendorf Trucks with Nickel Plated Brass Wheelsets on Pointed Axles!

  • Each kit includes an easy to follow, well illustrated "Assembly Manual" with step-by-step instructions designed so that even the novice can turn out satisfying replica of the real thing!

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