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~ Updated Friday, February 06, 2009 ~

Here we've removed the guard rail and we're "dressing" it's ends with a mill bastard file.

Reason for dressing it? We don't like leaving sharp edges on anything. We've suffered too many cut fingers ( and other appendages ) poking around under the hoods of cars to ever think of leaving something that's within our control to chance.

In this photo you can see the results of our filing process. A nice, smooth, rounded guardrail end that won't snag your finger ( ouch ! ) when you're running that rag with track cleaner on it around before your next operating session.

[ An aside here is that I do this at each and every rail end / rail joint, for the same reasons noted above. I don't like cut fingers any more ! ]

In this photo, we've just roughed up the bottom-side of the guard rail in preparation to cementing it in place with Gap Filling ACC.

We're using one of those flexible "Diamond" files we sell ( PBL-806 ) 'cause they're rough enough to get the job done quickly. ACC just doesn't stick well to slippery surfaces. [ The ties themselves don't seem to require roughing up. ]

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