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A Bit of History...
    There's "something" about a hand made brass model..  It's like, a part of a person's life..   It's not spit out of some machine or grown in a some primordial soup of some sort, not that either of these could display this kind of super-scale detail..  It's every bit as tangible a piece of "living" art as say, a classic Duesenberg or Ferrari inasmuch as, besides being admired for what it is, it can also be operated on occasion..
    To be sure, there's a huge collector market for many plastic and/or die-cast models.. I'm aware of at least one outfit that advertises like "One of 5000!".. Wow!    That's exclusivity?
    Like, back when we were able to offer Ready-to-Operate Injection Molded Freight Cars,  ( Before our supplier disappeared without a trace..), the model runs wre in the neighborhood of 40 of each car number..  They were outstanding models at the time..  And still are!  They raised the bar mightily for otherscale manufacturers / importers who, for the most part are still playing catch-up..  And although these were tooled by the best in the business, artfully decorated plastic scale models, the fact remains that out of a production run of 400 pieces, divided into 10 different paint schemes, they were all "cookie cutter copies" of each other except for the superb factory paint jobs,, (They call it "decorating" over there..)  Beautifully crafted copies of exhaustingly researched and designed miniatures of the real thing, mind you, with truly limited production qualifications...  But cookie cutter copies of each other nonetheless..  With more exact copies of them available to order..  ( Before our supplier disappeared at least..)  Their quantities only limited by the size of ones checkbook..
    And yes, we truly regret losing this guy, as I am sure most of you will concur...
    But back to LIMITED PRODUCTION..   The old saying: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.." fittingly describes just about every human endeavor..  Our creator, in his infinite wisdom, designed "us" in such a way that there has never been an exact copy of one of us humans, ever..  It's true..  Throughout all the thousands of years of human existance, each of us is, (or was,) unique..  'Same goes for our pets, our dogs, cats, fish, horses, and on and on...  Sure, there are some similarities beyond the requisite number of arms, toes, feet etc.,  but after that?  I'm unique..  You're unique..  End of story..


    Production of these beautiful models WILL, like everything else in this world, be limited to the quantity that we know we can sell..  In this case, around 125 pieces..  Total..   For the world! ...  This number spread over 7 distinctivly different versions..  ( Or roughly 18 models of each version, although at this point some versions are in the 11 piece category.. )  Talk about exclusive!
     And EACH will represnt a piece out of a craftsman's life..  And, trust me on this, these people ARE Craftsmen! ( Or women, whichever the case may be..)  And that counts for a lot in my book..    There's a HUGE difference between standing in front of an injection molding machine and pulling parts versus soldering an air line to an air pump, its brackets to a running board, and getting them on straight and true..   These are truly talented people!

Unless specifically ordered otherwise..
(Latter MUST be paid for in full upon ordering..)

     Decoders will be equipped with a "Customized for P-B-L" version of Soundtraxx 's newly released "Blunami" decoder which allows you to operate your model wirelessly, via "Bluetooth", directly from your cell phone...   From up to 50 feet away!  If you have a 12-14 volt DC power supply and a cell phone, you can operate your model wirelessly!
    (NOTE: Your model will still operate just fine using a traditional DCC throttle.. Hand held or otherwise.. )

    (For more information on how this "Blunami" looks and functions CLICK HERE .. )

     For more on its VIRTUES, (or why we think the idea is so great), CLICK HERE!


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